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DXtrade XT

Trading platform for brokers offering stocks, options, futures, mutual funds, bonds

Web Trader

DXtrade XT provides a sleek-looking web platform for retail traders. Loaded with powerful features and tailor-made tools, DXtrade Web Trader is accessible to traders of any experience level. Layouts, watchlists, and widget settings can be configured by both traders and brokers.
Web Trader
Whole share, fractional, and notional trading
Personalized layouts for every user
Real-time quotes and Alerts engine
Calendar showing Earnings, Dividend, Stock Split, and Conference Call dates
Heatmap to track market movers as a list or cell representation
Trading Journal allows users to add labels and notes to orders

Space optimization

Leveraging a modular UI, both brokers and traders can arrange widgets in multiple tabs to display the information most important to them within their workspace.

All widgets support drag & drop placement to easily combine within a single workspace. Users are free to operate multiple instances of the same widget in the same workspace, rearrange them, and change their size.

Space optimization

Watchlists & widget linking

DXtrade XT watchlists cater to traders of all experience levels. Public watchlists are configured by the broker and can represent either static sets of top-rated instruments or popular indices (e.g. DOW 30, S&P 100, etc).

Traders can link any watchlist with a chart or news widget to quickly switch the context of the workspace from one instrument to another. They simply select it in the watchlist. The platform also supports seamless switching between web and mobile versions.

Trading journal

Many traders keep a journal of their trades using third-party extensions or entering them manually in a spreadsheet. To help traders manage their trading strategies and increase their engagement with the platform, DXtrade XT offers the Trading Journal integrated as a widget into the Web Trader. Using the Trading Journal, traders can add notes to trades and positions on their accounts and tag them.

Doing so will help them recall why they entered or exited a position. They can also filter trades by tags, time frame, instrument, or asset type.



Web Trader has a Calendar widget displaying corporate data and events. Using the Calendar, traders have easy access to information on dividends, earnings, splits, and conference calls. The Calendar widget supports various filters and display formats.

Option chain

Option Chain is a tool that lists all options on an underlying instrument. This widget allows viewing and filtering option chains. A set of filters is available (by expiration, strike range, etc). This tool offers the capability to create simulated or planned positions and analyze them in the Risk Profile tool.

Price alerts

DXtrade XT supports price alerts configured by end-users. Alerts can be set for a single instrument or a combination of multiple instruments and different triggers. Price alerts are server-side, so the user can get notified by both in-platform push messages and by email or SMS even when they aren’t logged in to the platform.

Risk profile

A what-if analysis tool that allows traders to estimate potential P/L. It simulates changes to security parameters such as price and volatility to provide a time-based risk assessment.


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Market depth

The Market Depth widget allows to view Level I and Level II data, as well as the full market depth from connected exchanges for a selected instrument. Traders are free to filter visible levels (i.e. Top of the book, Regional Best Bid/Ask, Full order depth). The system highlights users’ pending orders and open positions on top of the current price levels in the Market Depth widget.


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