DXtrade OMS

Real-time management of orders, positions, and account balances

Fractional and notional quantity

Our Fractional OMS allows you to manage your own fractional inventory or route fractional
and notional orders to a supported executing destination in a variety of configurations

Routed as received

For executing destinations that support fractional and notional quantities, the OMS routes orders as received from the source and then reflects all executions and positions in fractional quantities.

Fractional rounding algorithm

If you want to manage your own fractional trading or cannot route as received in certain increments, the fractional rounding algorithm provides you with the capability to take orders in fractional and notional quantities and route to the street in whole shares.

Pre-allocated block orders

DXtrade XT supports pre-allocated block orders with allocations in fractional and whole share quantities, and notional amounts. Allocations are queued in the OMS while the block order is routed to the market. Upon receipt of the block order execution, the post-trade allocations are initiated in the OMS, distributing securities to the underlying accounts.

Margin and cash account support

Cash accounts

DXtrade XT supports Cash account trading of Stocks, ETPs, Options, and Mutual Funds using available funds with Reg-T violation prevention.

Margin accounts

Margin accounts for leveraged trading is supported for Reg-T and custom profile configurations across all supported asset classes, inclusive of instrument level margin settings.

Pattern Day Trader

The platform tracks the number of Day Trades per account and systematically marks & restricts users that meet PDT qualification if they do not maintain minimum balance requirements.

Execution simulation

DXtrade XT supports a simulated market environment represented as demo accounts to clients. The auto-executor module supports Limit and Market orders and is configurable on the instrument level. The following order actions are supported: Full Fill, Fill in Parts, Reject Order, and Partial Fill + Cancel.

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