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Web Broker
DXtrade XT

Trading platform for brokers offering stocks, options, futures, mutual funds, bonds

DXtrade Web Broker – Admin Panel for Brokers-Dealers

A web-based operations tool to monitor and manage client orders and positions, adjust risk settings, and manually manage accounts.
DXtrade Web Broker - Admin Panel for Brokers-Dealers
Single page design with dynamic linking for seamless integration of all widgets
FIX connection monitor with real-time status updates
Manual Order Review provides the flexibility to manage client order flow
Soft Check Alert monitor provides updates to internal operations based on Risk Settings
Message Monitor to review rejected messages sent to your clearing agent

Account list

This widget allows brokers to browse and filter all accounts on the platform, trade on behalf, view account properties, and liquidate selected accounts.

Position book

This widget allows brokers to view all active client positions, view all important details about these positions, and close them with the market or limit price.

Order history monitor

Brokers are free to view relevant order or trade history details for an account over the selected time frame.

Risk settings

Brokers can adjust risk settings for selected accounts, account groups, and classes of instruments. For example, they can limit their maximum total loss to hedge their exposure or restrict the number of day trades per period.

Routing wheel

Brokers can determine how/where orders are routed based on predefined criteria:

  • Asset Type
  • % Based on Destination

The Routing Wheel allows brokers to establish routing profiles on the asset class level with automatic reroute to the next destination if an endpoint in the wheel rejects an order.

Individual destinations can be disabled in real-time on the profile or asset level with percentage routes updated.

Manual review

Client order flow can be routed to the broker’s internal operations for manual review. The reviewed orders can then be released to the destination or rejected back to the source.

Orders are routed for manual review based on the following:

  • Account Level configuration
  • Risk Profile settings

Manual allocations

Manual allocations are supported in fractional/whole share quantities and notional amounts via CSV import or Manual Allocation GUI. Brokers may take a position in their principal account and enter allocation instructions to distribute the securities to other client and firm accounts.


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