DXtrade XT Mobile
DXtrade XT

Trading platform for brokers offering stocks, options, futures, mutual funds, bonds

DXtrade XT Mobile

DXtrade XT mobile allows traders to have the market at their fingertips. Our full-fledged mobile technology allows trading on the go with real-time portfolio monitoring, market data streaming, risk management, and news.

Devexperts’ native mobile iOS and Android trading front-ends provide traders with high-end performance. Our unique design offers a heightened user experience and supports seamless switching between web and mobile versions.

Powerful Сharting

DXtrade XT Mobile puts powerful charting at the forefront. We optimized charts for mobile devices, so traders always stay up-to-date on market movements. The trading apps encompass 70+ indicators available for you to apply to the mobile charts. You can also use the multiple charting types available within the iOS and Android mobile apps.

Quick Order Entry

The mobile app allows traders to place market, stop, limit, and OCO orders. DXtrade XT Mobile supports short-selling and buy-to-cover trades. 

The Trade shortcut offers users direct access to order entry in Whole Share, Fractional, and Notional quantities.


Our intuitive watchlists significantly enhance the mobile experience. Traders can switch between tile and list view. Watchlists in the tile view also display a mini-chart for each instrument. Mobile watchlist contents are synchronized with web trading UI, so users do not need to set up their favorite trading assets twice.


Never worry about unauthorized account logins. With the enhanced DXtrade XT mobile login options, traders can use biometric authentication and/or a custom passcode to protect their trading accounts.

Delivering High
Performance & Stability

We’ve optimized the DXtrade XT Mobile for high performance and stability during low bandwidth data exchange. Our proprietary binary protocol technology for market data delivery supports switching between mobile networks without delays in market data meaning zero delays in platform pricing or chart performance.


DXtrade XT helps traders keep tight control on their account history and transactions. Simply use the option to run account statements within the apps.

Option Chain

Benefit from mobile representation of the full option chain for all underlying instruments. This includes Simple and Complex options across expiration dates.


We’ve tailored our news feed to display news from any source you choose. News is displayed as part of the embedded instrument data and even as a separate widget. The widget also helps you filter and search through available news.

Position Monitor

Traders can monitor their positions within the mobile app, including market values and P/L. Our Position Monitor provides a portfolio-level view and shortcuts to enter orders.

Order Monitor

Track Order status in real-time for all orders entered across mobile and web platforms. Filter by order status and use the modify or cancel options to alter orders.


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