DXtrade XT

Trading platform for brokers offering stocks, options, futures, mutual funds, and bonds

DXtrade XT is for

Startup brokers

Cover all your technology needs with our white-labeled trading platform

Established brokers

Expand your range of instruments
and introduce fractional trading

Create your optimal offering

Why DXtrade XT?

Brokers licensing DXtrade XT benefit from

Whole share, fractional, and notional quantities

Built-in option strategies for effective trading

Full-fledged trading

Cost-effective setup
and operations

Maintenance and technical support 24/7

Your own hosted

DXtrade XT is the full package

  • A web trading platform with your logo
  • Your own branded iOS and Android mobile trading apps
  • Everything you need to run your brokerage + APIs
  • A dedicated account manager you can actually speak to!
  • Free integration with the execution destination of your choice


Web Trader

A branded web trading platform with customizable layouts

  • Whole share, fractional, and notional order entry
  • Real-time quotes and alerts
  • Built-in calendar with corporate and economic events
  • Heatmap tool to visualize market movers
  • Full-fledge trading simulator

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Mobile apps

Your own branded iOS and Android mobile trading
apps with dedicated pages in app stores

  • Quick order entry and position monitor
  • Watchlists and alerts
  • Full Option Chain
  • Charting with 70+ studies out of the box

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Broker tools

A web-based risk management and operations portal

  • FIX connection monitor with real-time status updates
  • Routing Wheel manages order flow to multiple destinations
  • Broker to client push notifications
  • Message monitor to review rejected messages sent to your clearing agent

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DXtrade OMS

Real-time management of orders, positions, and account balances

  • Fractional OMS that supports pre-allocated block orders and
    post-trade allocations
  • Good Til Order Management facilitates hosted daily resubmission
  • Cash and margin account support with PDT monitoring for US trading
  • Easy integration with any brokerage infrastructure

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Out-of-the-box options trading platform

Trading widgets and tools:

Risk Profile

What-if analysis tool that allows traders to estimate potential P/L on their current and theoretical positions. It simulates changes to security parameters, such as price and volatility, to provide a time-based risk assessment.

Option Chain

Options matrix supporting single through multi-leg spreads. Includes Option Volume Statistics and Time and Sales data.

Option Expiry
Risk Monitor

Broker Operations tool to calculate the potential impact of the assignment or exercise of client option positions at defined expiration dates.

Stock & Option Screener

Set criteria and search for trading ideas based company fundamentals, price information, and technical indicators. Based on your objectives, narrow down the results in real-time to identify the best option strategies.

DXtrade XT grows with
your brokerage

We offer flexible licensing options for DXtrade XT. Contact us so we can determine which
option is best suited to your particular needs and requirements.

DXtrade SaaS

  • Launch your platform in as short as two weeks
  • 24/7 maintenance and technical support
  • Your own branded web and mobile apps

DXtrade Enterprise

  • Endless possibilities for customization
  • Run any business model
  • Unlimited scaling

DXtrade source code

  • Buy out the source code whenever you’re ready
  • Take DXtrade XT in-house
  • Avoid vendor lock-in

Need a custom solution?

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