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DXtrade CFD
DXtrade CFD
Platform for brokers offering FX, CFDs, spread bets
DXtrade XT
DXtrade XT
Trading platform for brokers
offering exchange-traded instruments
DXtrade Crypto
DXtrade Crypto
Trading platform for brokers offering spot and margin cryptocurrencies
DXtrade CFD
FX, CFDs, spread bets
DXtrade XT
Stocks, options, futures, mutual funds, and bonds
DXtrade Crypto

DXtrade is a family of multi-asset, multi-market, and broker-agnostic trading platforms.

Why choose DXtrade for your brokerage

Quickly launch your business
Quickly launch your business
Get DXtrade up and running with integration to your brokerage infrastructure just in several weeks
Win new clients
Win new clients
Offer your clients a fascinating journey on their way to becoming successful traders with the cutting-edge DXtrade trading technology
Stand out from the crowd
Stand out from the crowd
Offer a truly different trading platform with your unique interface and stand out from the competition
Offer state-of-the-art UX/UI
Offer state-of-the-art UX/UI
Highly intuitive and clean interface. Start with the Buy/Sell basic trading UI and progress to a multi-screen layout with sophisticated graphs
Proactively manage your risk
Leverage our advanced risk management: introduce more automation, still reserving a means of manual control
Satisfy needs of your traders
Tailor the platform and your offering to meet your clients’ trading experience with advanced platform customization

Explore the range of DXtrade platforms

DXtrade CFD

Platform for FX, CFDs, and spread bets
DXtrade FX
  • FX
  • CFDs
  • spread bets

DXtrade XT

Platform for exchange-traded instruments
DXtrade XT
  • Stocks
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Mutual funds
  • Bonds

DXtrade Crypto

Platform for spot and margined cryptocurrencies
DXtrade Crypto
  • Cryptocurrencies
Unlimited trading
Expenses on development
and maintenance
and serviced solution
Years building award
winning trading platforms

Grow your brokerage business with DXtrade

We deliver DXtrade as a turnkey product, and, as your business grows, we can facilitate the platform’s evolution into a custom solution.

Start-up brokers

DXtrade is the best choice for startup brokers. Save time on marketing research—we'll provide you with the software and all the necessary integrations to launch in no time!

Established brokers

When you're ready to increase investment in your software and win even more clients, explore the range of DXtrade platforms. Our modern UI caters to clients who are tired of existing legacy platforms.

Mature brokers

As your business grows, the platform can grow with you. We can facilitate the platform’s evolution into a custom solution with an opportunity to buy out the DXtrade source code.

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