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DXtrade XT

Trading platform for brokers offering stocks, options, futures, mutual funds, bonds

Multi-asset trading platform for brokers

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DXtrade XT is designed for brokers working with exchange-traded securities and derivatives.

Configurable to broker workflows and supported asset classes, the platform includes a web-based trading portal, native mobile applications, fractional order management system, and a suite of broker administrative tools.

Feature-rich interface to support novice and advanced traders
Supports whole share, fractional, and notional quantities

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Why DXtrade XT

Fractional quantities / Notional amounts supported
Built-in option strategies for effective trading
Native iOS and Android mobile apps
Easy integration with any brokerage infrastructure
Maintained and supported by Devexperts 24/7
Full-fledged trading simulator

What you get

Branded platform with configurable interface
A full set of tools needed to run your brokerage + API kit
Dedicated account manager you can actually speak to!
Out-of-the-box integrations with market data and news providers
Secure, tried and tested financial grade technology
API kit for third-party integrations


Web Trader

A sleek-looking web platform loaded with powerful features and tailor-made tools. It can be configured by both traders and brokers.

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Whole Share, Fractional, and Notional Order Entry
Personalized layouts for every user
Real-time quotes and Alerts engine
Built-in Calendar that supports Corporate and Economic events
Heatmap tool to visualize market movers as a list or cell representation
Trading Journal allows users to add labels and notes to orders for tracking

Mobile Apps

A full-fledged mobile app for trading on-the-go with real-time portfolio monitoring, market data streaming, risk management, and news.

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Quick order entry and position monitor
Watchlists synced with Web Trader
Full Option Chain
Charting with 70+ studies out of the box

Web Broker

A web-based operations tool to monitor and manage client orders and positions, adjust risk settings, and manually manage accounts.

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Single page design with dynamic linking for seamless integration of all widgets
FIX connection monitor with real-time status updates
Manual Order Review provides the flexibility to manage client order flow
Soft Check Alert monitor provides updates to internal operations based on Risk Settings
Message Monitor to review rejected messages sent to your clearing agent
Fractional OMS that supports pre-allocated block orders and post-trade allocations
Fractional rounding algorithm and automated position closure
GT Order Management facilitates Good Til daily resubmission
Cash and Margin Account support with PDT monitoring for US trading
Routing Table with Wheel to control order flow to multiple destinations

DXtrade OMS

Our back-end comprised of robust trading engines. Real-time handling of orders and account data.

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  • Built to handle disaster recovery and high availability
  • Supports fractional orders
  • Risk engines for alerts and liquidations
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Looking for a more tailored solution?

With our team of engineers, anything is possible. DXtrade XT can be tailored to your bespoke workflow and user interface requirements. Start with the SaaS model and decide on this option later!

Customize DXtrade XT to your needs

  • Custom web and mobile widgets
  • Local market adaptations
  • Scalable with your business

Own the source code

  • Make your decision at any stage
  • Take DXtrade XT in-house
  • Avoid vendor lock-in

Latest Updates

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DXtrade CFD/Crypto Updates: FXStreet News, Bulk Cash Adjustments, Top-up to Zero & Negative Balance Protection

DXtrade September Updates: Meet FXStreet integration, a new Maintenance Tools widget, and a number of dealing enhancements

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Deriv.com adds Deriv X powered by Devexperts to their trading platform range

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