Just before 2023 ended, DXtrade XT implemented three new features as a follow-up to the December release. Read on to enjoy this small New Year’s gift with us.


Two long-awaited features have been added to the mobile app.

Two-Factor Authentication Support

In addition to Web Trader, two-factor authentication (2FA) has now been enabled in the mobile app for extra security.  Users are free to turn on 2FA in the Menu section (Settings > Security). Following that, they can generate security codes in a third-party authenticator application. As a safety harness, backup codes can be used to access the mobile account if the authenticator app is unavailable.

2FA in the mobile app
 - DXtrade XT Updates - 2FA on Mobile Devices, Positions and Working Orders on Chart, and More
2FA in the mobile app

Positions and Working Order on Chart

Active positions and working orders are now displayed as labels on the mobile chart. This allows mobile users to make more informed decisions when trading, with account to the market situation and their current standing.

Positions and working orders on chart
Positions and Working Orders on Chart

This patch also updates and adjusts our dxSCA API to the DXtrade XT specific use cases. 


dxSCA Update

dxSCA API has been updated and adjusted to the DXtrade XT specific use cases. The update includes:

  • Support for Trailing Stop orders: New fields have been added in Order requests and responses
  • Support for complex IF-THEN-MANY order groups
  • Support for expiration date (as date only, without date-time)
  • API throttling
  • New account metrics (maintenanceExcess, dayClosedPI, netLiquidation)
  • New position metrics (markPrice, dayClosedPI, avgOpenPrice)
  • Support for margin calls and liquidations initiated by the risk monitor
  • Retrieval of instrument trading schedule information (including holidays and short days)

That’s all from DXtrade XT to close 2023 but the new release of the year will arrive very soon. Don’t forget to enable 2FA while you are checking out the new features and

Stay tuned, 
The DXtrade XT team