Prop trading and contest management technology

DXtrade is a platform for prop trading and trading competitions. It provides your clients with professional experience when trading FX, CFDs, crypto, and spread bets.

Who is it for?

Startup brokers

Get all your technology needs
covered and launch in a week

Established brokers

Expand your platform range and instrument offering

Prop trading firms

Provide your clients with professional experience when trading

FX Blue

Performance Dashboard

A tool for your clients to analyze their performance, risk/reward ratios, win rates, and winning/losing trade holding times.

Trading journal

Traders can enter notes for every trade on their account and tag them to indicate why they entered or exited their position.

Advanced charting library

Your clients can create custom watchlists and use a search option to quickly find any instrument available for trading.

Why DXtrade ?

Brokers licensing DXtrade CFD benefit from

Cost-effective setup
and operations

Up and running
in a week

Maintenance and technical support 24/7

Trading layout customization
Order types and execution methods for all trading styles
Risk management with SL and TP configurations
both in a chart and order entry
Multi-view watchlists

Our clients

Features for prop brokers and trading contests

Prop trading risk management

Maximum drawdown

If your client loses more than a predefined percentage of their initial account balance, all their positions will be automatically closed. The client will have access to their account in read-only mode.

Profit target

This setting makes sure your clients don’t win more than a specific percentage of their initial account balance. If a client’s account value goes beyond the initially added percentage threshold, all their positions will be automatically closed.

Paper trading environment

  • A full-fledged trading simulation to launch trading contest
  • Protect your interests while maximizing potential profits

Managing traders and operations

  • Real-time monitoring of traders’ performance and adherence to the rules
  • Support for account creation, transactions, group management

Turnkey trading contests

  • Automated creation of trading competitions
  • Fully adjustable settings along with leaderboards and shareable results

Prop trading integrations

  • Turnkey integration with any payment provider
  • Solutions for building custom prop plans, rules, and metrics
  • KYC/AML service providers
  • Email automation including a template builder
  • CRM connectivity

Tried and tested technology

Tried and tested technology

Devexperts, the company behind DXtrade, has been providing software solutions to the financial industry since 2002.

Launch in a week with a low cost of entry into the business

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