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DXtrade Web Trader

DXtrade Web Trader delivers a state of the art trading terminal for retail traders. Full of powerful functionality and proprietary tools, DXtrade caters to traders of all levels and can be configured by both traders and brokers to deliver the perfect trading platform.

Advanced Charting package

Take advantage of the powerful DXtrade charting package, offering traders over 80 indicators, trading directly from the chart and advanced drawing tools. Traders can apply multiple chart views and can perform multi-timeframe technical analysis using our widget based interface. Intuitive module linking also allows traders to link the watchlist to their chart for an easy to use charting experience.

Multi-view watchlists to enhance a traders experience

The DXtrade multi-view trading watchlist has been designed for traders of all experience levels. Traders can trade directly from both the list or tiles view while quick buttons allow traders to easily apply pre-configured Stop Loss/Take Profits on their favourite products. Watchlists can be fully customised with both broker and client watchlists available within the platform.

Simple Customisation allows both traders and brokers to setup the perfect platform

DXtrade is designed to allow brokers and their traders to have greater control over their platform setup, ensuring the platform is ready to provide the best possible trading experience. Brokers can configure layouts and watchlists to match their traders expectations. While traders have the flexibility to setup workspaces and widgets for a unique trading experience.

DXtrade incorporates modular tabs technology, allowing users to combine widgets within their workspace. The platform provides pop-outs so users can take advantage of multi-screen setups.

Trading Dashboard

The Trading Dashboard has been developed to allow traders to analyse both their trading performance and habits on an instrument, asset class or account level. Traders can monitor metrics such as intraday performance, risk/reward ratios, win rates and winning/losing trade holding times.


Trading Journal

Our bespoke trading journal, allowing traders to manage their trading plans and strategies. Increasing trader engagement within the platform.

Traders can enter trade or position notes on their account while tagging their trades to indicate why they entered or exited their position.

Risk management for traders

DXtrade delivers enhanced risk management tools for traders throughout the platform. Traders can achieve their desired risk:reward ratios by preconfiguring Stop Loss/Take Profit levels per instrument or easily factor in the % of Balance at risk when entering trades. The trading dashboard and journal allow traders to monitor their risk management performance on an account, instrument or asset class level.

Multiple order types and execution methods for all trading styles

One-click trading is available throughout the platform for ease of trading. Available order types include market, limit, stop and OCO orders. Brokers have the option of choosing hedging or net based accounts for their clients. For cash accounts, order entry is tailored to the needs of spot trading user experience, providing traders with such information as expected order costs and commissions.


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