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DXtrade Mobile

DXtrade mobile allows traders to have the market at their fingertips, our full-fledged mobile technology allows trading on-the-go with real-time portfolio monitoring, market data streaming, risk management, and news. Devexperts’ native mobile trading front-ends for iOS and Android provide traders with high end performance through our proprietary technology and a heightened user experience through our unique design.

Red Dot Design Award 2022

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Powerful Charting

Powerful Charting

DXtrade mobile apps put powerful charting at the forefront of the application with mobile charts being optimised for mobiles, allowing traders to always stay up to date on the markets. The trading apps offer traders the options to apply over 60 indicators to the mobile charts with a range of charting types available within both iOS and Android mobile apps.

Order Types

DXtrade mobile apps have been built to allow traders to easily enter the market using a range of order types available within the apps. Traders can easily place market, stop, limit and OCO orders from within the app while also having the option of attaching a Stop Loss or Take Profit to any position or pending order.


Traders can intuitively create a custom watchlist to customise their trading environment or they can easily use our search option to quickly find any available instruments for trading.


Never worry about unauthorised account logins with the enhanced DXtrade mobile login options, traders have the choice of using either biometric authentication and/or a custom passcode to protect their trading accounts.

Delivering High
Performance & Stability

DXtrade mobile is optimized to maximize high performance and promote stability during low bandwidth data exchange. Our proprietary binary protocol technology for market data delivery supports switching between mobile networks without delays in market data meaning zero delays in platform pricing or chart performance.


DXtrade provides traders with the ability to keep on top of their account history and transactions by providing the option of running account statements directly from within the apps.

Spread Bets Are Part of DXtrade CFD

DXtrade CFD offers spread bets along with CFDs on many asset classes. Spread betting is tax-free in the UK and lets traders speculate on numerous financial instruments’ price movements. This includes currency pairs, indices, commodities, treasuries, FX, and more.

Run in STP and/or B-Book Mode

Spread betting also lets you offer margin trading because it supports the use of leverage. This means investors can go both long and short. P/L is calculated immediately once the spread bet is closed. Brokers can charge overnight funding fees and run in STP and/or B-book mode. In addition, they can hedge spread bet client positions with the CFD market.

Dividend Adjustments & Three Order Types

Clients can receive dividend adjustments. Besides sending market orders, traders can manage their risk by setting up Limit, Stop, or OCO orders.
The FCA regulates spread betting in the UK. It’s legal in Ireland, Australia, and Canada.


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