DXtrade CFD Overview
DXtrade CFD

Trading platform for brokers offering FX/CFDs and spread bets

Trading platform for CFD and FX brokers

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Designed specifically for retail CFD/FX brokers, DXtrade CFD provides advanced trading tools, well thought out usability, and extensive risk management capabilities already built into the platform.

It comes with a configurable and flexible web trader and native mobile trading experience.

Icon banner 1 Affordable, flexible, and low-maintenance platform for the retail CFD/FX market
Icon banner 2 Accessible for startups, scalable for experienced brokers

Red Dot Design Award 2022

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The platform that supports margin CFD and FX trading

Why DXtrade CFD?

Icon get started 1 Extremely low setup and running cost
Icon get started 2 Up and running in less than a week
Icon get started 3 Maintained and supported by Devexperts 24/7
Icon get started 4 Liquidity agnostic, choose any LP
Icon get started 5 Reliable infrastructure hosted in AWS
Icon get started 6 Native iOS/Android mobile apps

What do you get?

Icon get started 7 A trading platform fine-tuned to fit your needs
Icon get started 8 A full set of tools needed to run your brokerage + API kit
Icon get started 9 Dedicated account manager you can actually speak to!
Icon get started 10 Free integration to a liquidity provider of your choice
Icon get started 11 Secure, tried, and tested financial-grade technology
Icon get started 12 Your own branded web and mobile apps


Web Trader

Attract the new breed of traders with our modern Web Trader and add your branding!

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Icon web trader 1

Advanced charting package

  • Top-level technical analysis
  • Trading from chart
  • Advanced drawing tools
  • 90+ indicators
Icon web trader 2

Simple customization

  • Simple order entry
  • Modular widget-based look
  • Seamless switching between web and mobile apps
  • Multi-currency account view
Icon web trader 3

Multiview watchlists

  • Customized and public multiview watchlists
  • Watchlist syncing with other widgets
  • 1-click trading
  • Detailed account statements
Icon web trader 4

Trading Dashboard

  • Trading Dashboard for performance analysis
  • Tailor the dashboard to target different client groups

Mobile Apps

Modern mobile trading apps for iOS and Android available in the app stores under your brand.

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Icon mobile apps 1 Full trading capability designed for Crypto
Icon mobile apps 2 Simple order entry
Icon mobile apps 3 Seamless switching between mobile and web apps
Icon mobile apps 4 Watchlists and alerts
Icon mobile apps 5 Full charting suite
Icon mobile apps 6 Secure with 2-factor authentication

Dealing Console

Support your clients and run your brokerage operations

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Icon dealing console 1
Configurable real-time exposure monitor showing risk and P&L
Icon dealing console 2
Specific broker views for monitoring orders and positions across the platform
Icon dealing console 3
Price stream management, spreads, markups, and stale quote functionality
Icon dealing console 4
Trade-on-behalf of functionality
Icon dealing console 5
Easy to configure dealing settings for client groups and specific instruments
Icon dealing console 6
Diverse and dynamic commission plans for clients

Management Console

Risk management and dealing settings configuration

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Icon management console 1 User and account configuration and management
Icon management console 2 Active session monitoring
Icon management console 3 Rebates: incentivize your clients to trade more
Icon management console 4 Reports for operations and management
Icon management console 5 Financing management for open positions


Our back-end comprised of robust trading engines. Real-time handling of orders and account data.

  • Built to handle disaster recovery and high availability
  • Order management service for working orders
  • Risk engines for alerts and liquidations


Choose the providers you want to work with

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  • Integrate any 3rd party system into DXtrade CFD
  • FIX and REST/WebSockets APIs for market data and execution
  • REST and WebSockets APIs for management and configuration
  • Ready-to-go integrations for News and Economic Calendar
  • Connection to any LP’s Price and Order FIX sessions for market data and execution
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DXtrade CFD example 4
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Just getting started?

Get in touch and arrange a demo

Planning on growing even more?

Anything is possible with our team of engineers experienced in delivering projects for the financial markets. Start with DXtrade CFD and decide on this option later!

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Customize DXtrade CFD to your needs

  • Unlimited customization
  • Unlimited markets
  • Unlimited business models
  • Unlimited scaling
Icon just getting started 2

Own the source code

  • Make your decision at any stage
  • Take DXtrade CFD in-house
  • Avoid vendor lock-in

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