The financial software industry doesn’t offer a broad range of stock trading platforms compared to the FX/CFD industry. Beggars can’t be choosers, but the situation for broker-dealers is changing: the range of available white-label stock trading platforms gradually expands.

However, broker-dealers need to pay attention to software quality and functionality. That’s where DXtrade XT shines, offering a scalable solution that caters to broker-dealers’ needs and clients’ unique requirements, whether they’re seasoned professionals or new investors just starting out.

Streamlined administrative operations

DXtrade XT offers a web-based risk management and operations portal to streamline trading operations for brokers of all sizes. Whether a small boutique firm or a large multinational corporation, DXtrade XT’s broker tools give you everything you need to perform administrative and trading operations efficiently:

1. Basic Account list that allows you to browse all accounts on the platform.

2. Ability to trade on a client’s behalf and liquidate selected accounts.

3. More advanced ones. For example, an Option expiry monitor calculates the potential impact of assigning or exercising client option positions at defined expiration dates.

Configurable risk management

DXtrade XT’s risk management framework empowers brokers to assign bespoke risk parameters at the account and group levels. The risk parameters include:

  1. Pre-trade validations. This category encompasses a series of checks conducted before trade execution, serving as a preemptive measure to mitigate potential risks. Key validations include pre-trade counterparty limits and capital checks, which help ensure that trades adhere to predetermined limits and financial thresholds, safeguarding against excessive exposure and potential financial strain.
  2. Market facing. DXtrade XT allows brokers to set market routing limits and intensity thresholds, allowing precise control over order execution strategies.
  3. Custom trading hours. DXtrade XT recognizes the importance of flexibility in trading operations and enables brokers to define custom trading hours tailored to their specific requirements. For example, a Singapore-based broker providing local access to the US market should make it accessible by considering the 12-hour difference. This feature empowers brokers to establish trading schedules that accommodate regional market hours, client preferences, and regulatory constraints, ensuring seamless and efficient trading operations across different time zones and jurisdictions.

Orders in fractional and notional quantities

Trading in fractional and notional quantities is a broker’s dramatic competitive differentiator. For retail investors, it means access to stocks they otherwise might not be able to invest in and more decision-making power since they can tap into more possibilities.

Brokers’ adoption of fractional trading workflows can significantly expand their customer base, increasing assets under management. As investors grow, so do their brokers.

Brokers may choose between two primary approaches to supporting fractional orders. The first approach routes fractional and notional orders directly to their executing destination. The second approach enables brokers to manage their fractional inventory, which offers greater control but also entails more risk.

By implementing these approaches, brokers can provide their clients with more options and flexibility, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Advanced order types: Tailored trading strategies

Traders can issue standard or hosted orders and strategies maintained within the DXtrade XT platform. If a trading venue doesn’t accept Good ‘Til time-in-force orders, the DXtrade XT OMS can handle them for the broker. The platform can host these orders with an optional setting, automatically resubmitting them daily until they expire or get canceled. From Market and Limit orders to sophisticated strategies like Stop Market and Trailing Stop, DXtrade XT supports various order types to accommodate clients’ diverse trading strategies.

Seamless API integrations

DXtrade XT offers a broad range of APIs with exhaustive API documentation for easy integration with brokerage infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity and interoperability with execution destinations, clearing firms, and other third-party systems.

The platform that grows with your brokerage

In conclusion, DXtrade XT is more than just a trading platform—it’s a scalable solution that adapts to the unique needs of every client, regardless of their size or experience level. With its comprehensive features and customizable functionalities, DXtrade XT is the ideal choice for broker-dealers looking to grow and succeed in today’s dynamic trading landscape.

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