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Web Trader
DXtrade Crypto

Trading platform for brokers offering spot and margin cryptocurrencies

DXtrade Crypto Web Trader

DXtrade Crypto Web Trader is a modern web trading terminal with a set of tools developed specifically for retail crypto brokers and their clients.

Its friendly and well-thought-out interface can be configured by both traders and brokers.

Indicative fiat balance view

On crypto-based accounts, users can easily see an indicative value of their balance in fiat, in just one click.

Simple order entry

The hassle-free and clear order entry form.

Seamless switching between spot and margin accounts

Brokers can have multiple margin and spot trading accounts under one login. It is easy for a trader to switch between spot and margin accounts.

Multi-currency account view of available and allocated funds (Funds Widget)

The Funds widget breaks down the balances of a cash account.

Market Depth

Market Depth is a widget that shows the best bid/ask prices and specific lots that are available on the market. Traders can see how liquid the market is for a given instrument in real time.

Time & Sales

The Time & Sales widget displays the time, price, and volume of each transaction on an exchange over the day.

Advanced charting package

DXcharts is a comprehensive package of technical analysis instruments that includes studies and drawings to help traders make more informed decisions. More than 80+ indicators for easy-to-use charting at your service.

Layouts for different client groups

Brokers are free to create predefined layouts for their clients. For example, specific layouts can be created for beginner traders, experienced traders, or traders who are interested in crypto trading only. Traders can also set up and save their own personalized layouts for future use.

Multi-view watchlists

Multi-view watchlists are designed so as to maximize the usability and deliver the best trading experience. Brokers can configure public watchlists available to all traders, and every trader is free to customize a watchlist on their own.

One-click trading

Once traders have the confidence and wish to instantly react to market conditions, they can enable one-click trading to quickly place market orders.

Trading Dashboard

All-in-one Trading Dashboard that helps users analyze their trading performance and trading behavior on an instrument. Available metrics include intraday performance, risk/reward ratios, win rates, and winning/losing trade holding times.

Account Statement report

The Account Statement is an on-demand report that aggregates all information corresponding to a client’s trading account. The report reflects details on orders, transactions, and includes important financial data for the account.
Get a detailed summary on your account activity within a defined period!

Account Statement on a margin account

The summary section on margin accounts includes Balance, Equity, Floating PnL, Settled PnL, Used Margin, and Free Margin. As a supplementary visualization, the report displays the Balance Chart that shows the balance on the account over time.

Account Statement on a spot account

On spot accounts, the report includes balances of a single-currency or multi-currency account, the allocated funds, and all the available for trading and withdrawal funds.


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