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DXtrade Crypto

Trading platform for brokers offering spot and margin cryptocurrencies

Trading platform for cryptocurrency brokers

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DXtrade will help you run a Crypto Spot and Crypto CFD Brokerage.

It can grow with your success, so you don't get locked into a platform that can't keep up with your business.

Icon banner 1 Perfect for a startup Crypto broker
Icon banner 2 Great for established brokers looking for an additional offering

Get started with DXtrade Crypto

One platform that supports both Crypto Spot and Crypto CFDs

Why DXtrade Crypto?

Icon get started 1 Extremely low setup and running cost
Icon get started 2 Get up and running in less than a week
Icon get started 3 Maintained and supported by Devexperts 24/7
Icon get started 4 Liquidity agnostic, choose any LP
Icon get started 5 Reliable infrastructure hosted in AWS
Icon get started 6 Native iOS/Android mobile apps

What do you get?

Icon get started 7 Your own branded web and mobile apps
Icon get started 8 A trading platform fine-tuned to fit your needs
Icon get started 9 The tools you need to run your brokerage
Icon get started 10 Dedicated account manager you can actually speak to!
Icon get started 11 Free integration to a liquidity provider of your choice
Icon get started 12 Secure, tried, and tested financial-grade technology

Upgrade your brokerage to DXtrade Enterprise when you are ready


Web Trader

Attract the new breed of traders with our modern web trading terminal built specifically for crypto – and with your branding!

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Web trader


  • Indicative fiat balance view for crypto based accounts
  • Simple order entry
  • Seamless switching between Spot and Margin accounts
  • Multi-currency account view of available and allocated funds


  • Advanced charting
  • 90+ indicators
  • Trading from chart
  • Advanced drawing tools

Unique trading experience

  • Tailor the layouts to target different client groups
  • Customized and public multiview watch-lists
  • Trading analysis dashboard
  • One click trading
  • Account statements

Mobile Apps

Must-have modern mobile Crypto trading apps for iOS and Android, available in the app stores under your brand.

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Icon mobile apps 1 Full trading capability designed for Crypto
Icon mobile apps 2 Simple order entry
Icon mobile apps 3 Easy switch between web and mobile applications
Icon mobile apps 4 Watchlists and alerts
Icon mobile apps 5 Full charting suite
Icon mobile apps 6 Secure with two factor authentication

Dealing Console

For robust risk management and dealing settings configuration

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Icon dealing console 1 Configurable real-time exposure monitor showing risk and P&L
Icon dealing console 2 Specific broker views for monitoring orders and positions across the platform
Icon dealing console 3 Price stream management, spreads, mark-ups, and stale quote functionality
Icon dealing console 4 Trade-on-behalf functionality
Icon dealing console 5 Easy-to-configure dealing settings across client and currency pair groups

Management Console

Support your clients and run your brokerage operations

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Icon management console 1
User and account configuration and management
Icon management console 2
Active session monitoring
Icon management console 3
Rebate functionality: reward your clients based on their traded volumes
Icon management console 4
Reports for operations and management
Icon management console 5
Financing management for open positions
Icon management console 6
Configure diverse and dynamic commission plans for your clients


Choose the providers you want to work with:

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  • Connect any 3rd party system into DXtrade
  • FIX and REST/Socket APIs for market data and execution
  • Comprehensive REST and Web Socket APIs for management and configuration
  • Ready-to-go integrations for News and Economic Calendars
  • Connect into any LP’s Price and Order FIX session for market data and execution

DXtrade Core

Our backend comprising of robust trading engines

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DXtrade core
Icon DXtrade Core 1
Built to handle disaster recovery and high availability
Icon DXtrade Core 2
Order management service for working orders
Icon DXtrade Core 3
Risk engines for margin alerts and liquidations
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DXtrade Crypto example 2
DXtrade Crypto example 3
DXtrade Crypto example 4
DXtrade Crypto example 5

Just getting started?

Get in touch and arrange a demo

Planning on growing even more?

Our team of engineers makes anything you want possible. Depending on your requirements, you can opt for working with a professional team experienced in delivering projects especially for the financial markets. Start with DXtrade and decide on this option later!

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Customize DXtrade to your needs

  • Unlimited customization
  • Unlimited markets
  • Unlimited business models
  • Unlimited scaling
Icon just getting started 2

Run a full crypto exchange

  • Match client vs client orders (CLOB)
  • Powerful low latency matching engine
  • Modular architecture to your specification
Icon just getting started 3

Own the source code

  • Decide at any stage
  • Take DXtrade in-house
  • Avoid vendor lock-in

Latest Updates

DXtrade FX/CFD Platform Integrated with Your Bourse for Turnkey Liquidity

DXtrade FX/CFD Platform Integrated with Your Bourse for Turnkey Liquidity

Devexperts announced today that it has partnered with Your Bourse to expand the range of technology providers it offers as a turnkey integration with DXtrade, the Devexperts’ flagship trading platform for FX, CFD, and cryptocurrency brokers. This partnership allows DXtrade brokers to leverage integration with Your Bourse and connect to industry-leading liquidity providers. This includes … Continued

DXtrade CFD/Crypto Updates: New Integrations, Order History, Delayed B-Book Execution

DXtrade CFD/Crypto Updates: New Integrations, Order History, Delayed B-Book Execution

Welcome new integrations with DXmatch and Devexa Chatbot, risk management and backend improvements incuding delayed execution in B-Book and audit log.