Broker Tools

Everything you need to manage your daily operations, dealing
settings, and risk

Dealing and risk management

Real-time exposure monitoring

There’s real-time monitoring of A/B book and hedge exposure while maintaining an up-to-date view of your Risk and P/L. You can filter exposure and P/L on a group, instrument, and asset level.

Dealing settings

Broker tools remove the need for never-ending groups and make group management intuitive for brokers. The settings can be applied in bulk for a currency pair group, account level, and a combination of these.

Price stream management

You can create multiple markup profiles on instrument, group, and account levels. Fixed and floating price streams are available. You can also apply minimum and maximum spreads, advanced price filters, and pricing failovers.

Order and position monitoring

The system allows you to see clients’ orders and positions in one place. You can apply specific filters for certain accounts to view the hedged positions and exposure separately or in comparison with client positions.

Client position management
and trading on behalf

You can trade on behalf of your clients, place market and pending orders at current rates, and fill orders at specific prices.

Account management

You can create new accounts, edit account details, and set account groups.

Session monitoring

DXtrade allows brokers to monitor live user sessions, login time, and IP address with the ability to terminate any client session.

Client reporting

You can generate client reports on profitability, exposure, and rebates paid or earned.

Rebate functionality

DXtrade inspires you to reward your best clients with rebates based on their traded volume.

Financing management
for open positions

You can apply financing charges with swap rates or interest rates configurable on a group or instrument level. Swap multipliers can be applied to each instrument, while markups—to each instrument or an instrument group. All historical swap rates are stored and can be easily retrieved from the UI.

Diverse and dynamic
commission plans

Commission plans are available on a basis of percentage volume, flat rates, basis points, or combinations of these. Each commission plan can be applied per instrument, group, or account level, which gives you greater freedom when offering custom commission plans to your clients.

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