Setting up a stock brokerage is easier than ever nowadays. Several vendors offer software to launch such a business in many regions. This blog post explains how a thoroughly thought-out web trading interface benefits broker-dealers. It also can be used as a checklist to evaluate stock brokerage user interfaces for features, tools, and user-friendly experience.

Increasing Client Satisfaction With a Well-Designed Web Trading Interface

The reference example is the DXtrade XT trading platform, which has a modern and easy-to-use interface for retail investors. DXtrade XT’s web trading interface, Web Trader, is accessible to investors of all skill levels due to its customizable layout and various tools and features.

  1. Tailored experience: Web Trader offers broker-dealers and their clients extensive customization options. Broker-dealers can configure the platform UI and create public watchlists tailored to their clients’ needs. Meanwhile, investors can personalize their workspace layouts and chart appearance to suit their preferences.
  2. Enhanced decision-making: DXtrade XT’s tools drive informed decision-making for retail investors. They can customize watchlists to monitor specific assets or indexes, while broker-dealers can pre-configure watchlists based on market trends or client preferences.

A Calendar widget allows investors to monitor corporate data and events and convert them into trading decisions. The Calendar offers information on dividends, earnings reports, stock splits, and conference calls. 

A Trading Journal helps investors manage trading strategies. It’s an overview of an investor’s entire trading activity, with the option of adding notes to trades and positions, tagging them, and filtering them. Having such a tool in a web trading platform allows broker-dealers to enhance client engagement.

An Option Chain tool lists all options on an underlying instrument. Investors can explore and filter through various contracts according to their strategies.

Moreover, the DXtrade XT web platform offers investors the opportunity to backtest all their trading decisions and strategies in a simulator. This empowers them to assess potential outcomes and manage risk effectively before executing trades, instilling confidence and informed decision-making within the trading process.

  1. Real-time insights: DXtrade XT Web Trader lets broker-dealers offer clients real-time insights into market dynamics. Features such as a Heatmap and Stock and Option screener help investors find investment ideas based on a stock market overview, company fundamentals, price information, and technical indicators.
  2. Risk management: DXtrade XT’s Risk Profile tool for an options portfolio empowers investors to manage risk through what-if analysis. It simulates changes to security parameters, such as price and volatility, to provide a time-based risk assessment that investors can use to estimate potential P/L on their current and theoretical positions.
  3. Staying connected: DXtrade XT’s customizable Price Alert system keeps investors connected to the market. Investors can configure alerts for individual instruments or combinations of assets, with triggers based on price movements, volume changes, or other criteria. Broker-dealers can also set up automated alerts to notify clients of significant market events or trading opportunities, ensuring they take advantage of potential profit-making opportunities. Clients can receive notifications via in-platform push messages, emails, and SMS.

A web platform made to attract investors

Broker-dealers attract clients and increase their engagement, satisfaction, and lifecycle by offering customization options and practical tools. DXtrade XT empowers investors of all levels to customize their trading experience, make informed decisions, and manage risk effectively. Web Trader sets a new standard for inclusivity and accessibility in the financial markets, ultimately driving broker-dealers’ success.

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