Seamless integration, one-platform trade execution, and access to 50 million users — DXtrade’s integration with TradingView is a game-changer.

DXtrade is now integrated with TradingView, an advanced charting platform for financial market analysis.

With this integration, brokers have two options:

1. DXtrade backend integration with the platform

Brokers can now access TradingView’s 50 million users and offer clients a seamless workflow without switching between trading platforms.

Additionally, traders can leverage TradingView’s highly motivated investors’ community.

2. TradingView trading edition library inside your DXtrade

You can be sure that no other broker will steal your spotlight because your traders will stay within your DXtrade and leverage the familiar interface and charting.

It’s also a great opportunity for prop firms to provide widely demanded charts.

DXtrade Integrates with TradingView to Open New Horizons for Brokers

Jon Light, Head of OTC Platform at Devexperts:

Our company believes in efficiency and user-friendliness, and that’s what we have set out to achieve with this strategic integration that will give our brokers and their clients an edge in today’s dynamic trading landscape.

The new integration provides brokers with access to the vast TradingView user base, promotes their brand, and bolsters credibility. Brokers gain a whole new frontend powered by DXtrade’s trusted backend, which is filled with features that boost customer satisfaction and retention rates.

By using the integration, brokers can offer their clients a simpler, more efficient user experience. Most notably, clients can now save time and effort by performing analysis and executing orders all on one platform rather than having to switch between multiple tools. Clients also benefit from access to over 18,000 pieces of trading-related content every month.

Devexperts has designed the integration for a quick, effortless launch, recognizing brokers’ need for efficiency and speed. Brokers can connect their existing systems to DXtrade without operational delays or complexities.