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London, United Kingdom, April 5, 2022—DXtrade, a multi-asset trading platform for FX, CFD, and crypto brokers, received spot crypto trading functionality in its latest update.

Now every broker who wishes to offer both margin and spot crypto trading to their clients can do it via the DXtrade platform powered by Devexperts. With DXtrade, traders can buy or sell a desired amount of crypto assets directly.

Spot trading functionality was a long awaited feature by many FX/CFD and Crypto brokers looking to go beyond only margin trading. With DXtrade, they can satisfy the demand of their traders on a traditional purchase of crypto and digital assets. This release created a unique platform where brokers can provide both margin and spot accounts at the same time.

Jon LightVP of OTC Platform at Devexperts

DXtrade is a SaaS platform hosted and maintained 24/7 by Devexperts, a software development company serving the financial industry since 2002.

DXtrade offers a modular, widget-based UI that can be easily adjusted and organized in several tabs and pop-out windows to suit any trading style. Trading Journal and Trading Dashboard help traders keep track of all active and historical orders. This allows traders to manage their plans and strategies and review the past activity. With DXtrade, traders can finetune risk management configurations to protect their positions and achieve a desired risk/reward ratio. 

In the new release, brokers are free to create and support unlimited spot and margin accounts within a single user interface. The DXtrade UI now allows traders to switch seamlessly from margin to crypto trading and back and get the perfect experience with any instruments.

Click on the link to try out DXtrade: https://dx.trade/request-a-demo/