As a broker, you know that a trading platform is your business engine. You simply can’t settle for basics when you look for trading software and a platform provider. A carefully designed and developed platform goes beyond serving the elementary needs of traders—it’ll also support your business vision and scale as your brokerage grows.

This is where Devexperts comes in. We’ve developed DXtrade—a trading platform that services 3 kinds of brokers and crypto exchanges: 

  1. DXtrade CFD is for brokers offering FX, CFDs, and spread bets 
  2. DXtrade XT is for brokers offering exchange-traded instruments 
  3. DXtrade Crypto is for cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers offering spot and margin crypto trading 

All these DXtrade versions are turnkey, so it only takes a week to launch them on a broker’s side.

We’ve conducted full-scale research into why our clients have chosen DXtrade. We have much to unpack about their reasoning, but it’s worth the while because you may find it relatable. Let’s start!

Laying Out Our Cards

We’ve put a lot of work into our platform to make it the most modern and reliable option for brokers and end-users. Here are the parts of the equation explaining why brokers choose DXtrade. 

1. Our Experience

We can attribute a fair share of our success to experience. We’ve been in the fintech business since 2002. And over these two decades, we’ve made a name for ourselves, developed a strong reputation, and built a solid customer base.

Devexperts is a powerhouse of software development for capital markets. Trading solutions are nuanced: they often imply multi-threaded programming and high-load testing to sustain turbulent markets. Devexperts ranks hundreds of specialists with complex fintech expertise. This way, we produce high-end pioneering trading technology.

Devexperts Team

Our customer base is diverse but focused solely on capital markets. We’ve worked on numerous projects—from building a US-regulated futures and options exchange from scratch to a CFTC-regulated swap execution facility; from trading platforms for OTC and stock brokers to wealth management software. Our products have been time-tested and proven to stay resilient. And we back this claim with clients’ dedicated feedback, the several financial crises we witnessed without a minute of downtime, and the numerous industry awards we’ve won.

Devexperts also scores a point for development flexibility. In addition to our turnkey products, we offer custom solutions. We can also do minor customizations on top of off-the-shelf platforms to facilitate a client’s specific demand. We can even scale turnkey products as a client’s business grows. Additionally, we can develop a custom solution on top of a turnkey one to reflect the client’s look and feel and satisfy their particular business needs. Clients can even buy source code if they’d like to maintain their trading solution in-house.

2. Keeping Up with the Trends

Trading solutions should evolve, both in functionality and design. For the latter, we’ve dedicated an entire design department to make sure our products’ UX/UI stays on top of the game. Our design goal is to create convenient and user-friendly apps and platforms with aesthetically-pleasing designs. Institutional and retail traders have to operate solutions with high data density. So, our designers ensure that UIs highlight information that needs immediate attention without overburdening users.

A great example is the colors on our DXtrade platform that we’ve chosen specifically to avoid eye strain. Of course, you can still tailor DXtrade and your offering to match your brand colors and clients’ trading experience. 

The web interface is clean and allows users to start with a basic trading UI. But when your traders are ready, they can progress to a multi-screen layout with sophisticated graphics. You can configure the web platform with multiple tabs, saved layouts, and connectivity between widgets.

DXtrade UI

3. Native Mobile Apps

The third reason why brokers choose us is DXtrade Mobile—our native mobile trading app for Android and iOS. In the past couple of years, trading on mobile devices has become the dominant method, so brokers especially care about mobile technology.

Investors leverage DXtrade Mobile to get a full-fledged trading experience on the go. Our app includes key features for portfolio management: performance monitoring, interactive charts, risk management, market data, price alerts, and much more. The app even supports gesture navigation to make looking at charts easier. For example, you can pinch a chart to compress it. And this is extremely convenient for larger mobile screens. As for the smaller ones—but not only for those—we made the decimal numbers bigger. This means everyone can gather the necessary information from just a glance.

Mobile Trading App

4. Trading Workflows and Risk Management

DXtrade has a variety of advanced workflows, and this also makes it attractive for brokers. All DXtrade instances have flexible commission rules for brokers to configure. DXtrade CFD and DXtrade Crypto also allow brokers to configure a rebate system to increase their order flow.

DXtrade CFD combines FX and CFD trading with spread betting, so brokers can hedge their traders’ spread betting positions in the CFD market.

DXtrade XT allows brokers to introduce fractional and notional trading with internal inventory management. This is a great opportunity to differentiate your business from competitors and increase trading volume. To limit brokers’ risk exposure, we’ve introduced several tools such as Fill from inventory and Automated position closure.

5. APIs Set

Our research also showed that brokers value ease of integration. That’s why we have a full set of industry-standard APIs to make the DXtrade integration with clients’ ecosystems painless. DXtrade also allows brokers to add new tools in a few clicks if needed, like connecting to a Portal Provider or CRM of choice.

We also have various APIs + FIX connectivity, which opens numerous doors for integrations with third-party venues.

6. Rich Back End

The sixth reason is what we have under the hood, or in other words, the trading platform back end. Our technology enables a platform to process everything in its RAM, making all instances of DXtrade supersonic fast. This way, users barely experience any latency at all.

DXtrade Mobile also boasts remarkable stability and performance during low bandwidth data exchange. This is all thanks to our proprietary binary protocol for market data delivery that supports switching between mobile networks without delays in market data. This means zero delays in platform pricing and chart performance.

DXtrade Crypto is unique for its seamless switching between cash and margin crypto accounts. Now, traders don’t have to reload and relog when they need to toggle between spot and margin trading.

We always welcome any ideas from our brokers, and we’re open to providing additional customizations.

To Sum Up

DXtrade is suitable for all types of brokers. Startups can benefit from our offer to save time, as we’ll provide them with the software and all integrations for a successful launch. Established brokers can update their existing legacy platforms and expand their offerings by adding other trading instruments, such as spread bets. Our customizable layouts can also make the platform look unique for every broker and trader. 

If a broker encounters any difficulties, they can always reach out to their dedicated account manager and enjoy 24/7 maintenance and support by Devexperts. So, whether you need a platform for FX/CFDs and spread bets, listed securities and derivatives, or spot and margin cryptocurrencies, request a demo today!