Munich, Germany—Rostro Financials Group, a prime broker working with trading firms and professional traders, launched DPLtrader, a new trading platform licensed by Devexperts. DPLtrader provides access to margin trading of Forex and CFDs on stocks, indices, energies, and commodities.

Based on Devexperts’ DXtrade, DPLtrader has a modern and intuitive UI and built-in analytics for tracking the trading performance of every trade. As Rostro Group offers access to margin trading to the institutional side, they need to easily distinguish and separately reflect trades of each client. To personalize communication, Rostro dealers use Trading Journal and Trading Dashboard to differentiate each client in the log with tags and notes.

DPLtrader offers multiple order types (market, limit, stop, OCO, MOC, and LOC) and enhanced risk management tools. Rostro’s clients can achieve their desired risk/reward ratios by preconfiguring Stop Loss/Take Profit levels per instrument or by factoring in the % of Balance at risk when entering trades.

We value convenience and want to offer only the best technology to our traders. This is why we’ve selected Devexperts as our trusted software vendor, and our clients can efficiently trade at any time of the day.

Michael AyresCEO at Rostro Group

We have known the Rostro team for a long time and are honored that they trust us and choose our software. Devexperts development and support teams are on guard 24/7 to offer Rostro’s clients the most convenient platform for operating on financial markets.

Jon LightVP of OTC Platform at Devexperts

DPLtrader is based on DXtrade, a SaaS trading platform developed, hosted, and maintained by Devexperts—the company dedicated to serving financial companies around the globe. The platform is accessible on the web and as a mobile app.

About Rostro Group

ROSTRO Financials Group is a fintech company focused on capital markets and digital assets. The Group operates multi-regulated brokerage houses that provide execution and clearing of both listed securities, as well as OTC Derivatives. In addition, ROSTRO offers Banking, Alternative Finance, and Digital Asset storage with both on and off ramp solutions.