This sowing season DXtrade XT brings you even more opportunities to grow, diversify, and protect your and your clients’ holdings. Read on to find out about our new automatic liquidation features, API improvements, and yes, of course, the integration with the new DXcharts!

Web Trader

Upgrade to the latest DXcharts version

This release incorporates the latest full-fledged version of the DXcharts charting library and introduces new charting features, including:

  • More drawings: The roster now includes 42 drawings. Each drawing features Magnet mode for precise alignment with candle elements and Drawing mode for creating multiple drawing instances.
  • Snapshots: Users can now capture snapshots of charts and save them locally or copy them to the clipboard for convenient sharing.
  • More chart types: New chart types are there to give traders greater versatility: Area, Heikin-Ashi, Scatter, Hollow Candles, Histogram, and Baseline.
New DXcharts in DXtrade XT
New DXcharts in DXtrade XT

Web Broker

Transactions: Commission, fees, and taxes support for cash transactions

Support for commissions, fees, and taxes has been expanded to include all cash transactions, in addition to trading transactions. The following improvements have been included in the widgets and EOD reports:

  • Transactions widget: Commissions and Fees fields added to the Add/Update Transaction dialog.
  • EOD reports: Commission and Fee columns added to EOD Transfers reports.
  • Account Statement: Commission and Fee columns added to the Cash Adjustments section.


Option to make 2FA mandatory for users

Previously, two-factor authentication was optional for all platform users. For those brokers who wish to ensure that their users have extra protection during logging in, 2FA can be made mandatory for both web and mobile environments.

If 2FA is set as mandatory during platform configuration, the mobile client now checks if it is set for a user and initiates the 2FA process update. Users are unable to cancel or bypass the 2FA process. 

2FA cannot be disabled if set to MANDATORY
2FA cannot be disabled if set to MANDATORY

2FA settings management

This release includes enhanced two-factor authentication settings management. The system can allow users to enable 2FA (if set to OPTIONAL and not enabled by the user), to disable 2FA (unless 2FA is set to MANDATORY), to get available one-time backup codes or generate new ones, and move to another device.

Enable 2FA dialog
Enable 2FA dialog


Automatic liquidation for accounts with options

In previous releases, the platform was able to initiate automatic liquidation of equities accounts, that is, to close all positions if the calculated risk was greater than the collateral. In this release, automatic liquidation is supported for options strategies, where the system determines the optimum order for closing positions, especially for partial liquidation.

Now, accounts with options can be liquidated fully – by parallel multileg closing orders for each underlying, or partially – by a queue of multileg closing orders for each identified strategy ranged by initial margin.


dxSCA updates

This release continues the overhaul of dxSCA API (REST API). Now, the platform officially supports integrations through REST API, meaning that customers can integrate the platform back-end with alternative interfaces (e.g., customized strategies, etc) in addition to supported trading terminals.

API documentation available online

All API specifications for DXtrade XT including FIX Trading API, REST API, Notifications API, and Administrative REST API have been made available to the public online. Customers are free to access the documentation at: [https://<platform.address>/specs].


Don’t forget to check back with us next time, when we are ready to roll out multi-market support (fingers crossed!) A bunch of other exciting features is also waiting in the wings. Come back soon and

Stay tuned,
The DXtrade XT team