London, 09 April, 2024 – The international technology company Tools for Brokers (TFB) and Devexperts, a trading platform provider, have announced a new integration partnership. TFB will add Devexperts’ trading platform, DXtrade, to its multiplatform liquidity bridge – Trade Processor. 

With this partnership, DXtrade will become one of the key platforms that TFB’s liquidity bridge supports and operates on. The new platform added to the Trade Processor is secure, user-friendly, and operates under regulatory oversight. It will ensure that TFB clients have a wide range of instruments and that they can diversify their strategies with a reliable and modern trading platform.  

“We are excited about this integration with the DXtrade platform. One of our key goals with Trade Processor is to expand clients’ opportunities and facilitate their growth. Adding a modern and powerful trading platform to the liquidity bridge will help us achieve that. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Devexperts and expanding it further.”

Alexey KutsenkoCEO at Tools for Brokers

“DXtrade will connect to any liquidity source our brokers wish to use, and with this integration to Trade Processor, our clients can benefit from a single point of access to over 100 liquidity providers. It’s a convenient tool to manage risks and analyse trading activity from multiple trading platforms in one place.”

Jon LightHead of OTC Platform at Devexperts

DXtrade is a SaaS trading platform for CFD brokers and prop firms. It consists of a web trader, iOS and Android apps, dealing and client management tools. DXtrade provides advanced risk management functionality for broker-dealers and retail traders, a well-thought-out UX and UI design, a charting widget with 100+ studies and 48 drawings, an embedded trading journal, a performance dashboard, and all standard features and tools required by day traders.

The Trade Processor liquidity bridge supports other platforms along with DXtrade through an external FIX API. In addition to bridging, TFB offers an ecosystem of solutions for retail brokers, hedge funds, and prop trading companies, including data monitoring and analysis capabilities, risk management functionality, and a selection of plugins that target niche client needs. 

About Devexperts

Devexperts has been developing software for the capital markets since 2002. The company’s flagship solution is DXtrade, a broker platform offering investing in stocks, commodities, futures, options, Forex, funds, and cryptocurrencies. Devexperts’ development team comprises 800 engineers in offices in the USA, Germany, Bulgaria, Singapore, Portugal, Turkey, Georgia, and Ireland. Contact Devexperts for a demo.

About Tools for Brokers

Tools for Brokers (TFB) is a multiplatform technology provider for retail brokers, prop trading companies, and hedge funds with solutions operating on MetaTrader, Match-Trader, cTrader, and DXtrade. The ecosystem of products centres around the Trade Processor liquidity bridge, enhanced with data management and reporting functionality, TFB PAMM for money management, and the TFB Toolbox — a single web-user interface for individual custom solutions’ management. The flagship multiplatform liquidity bridge solution — Trade Processor — supports a pool of liquidity providers, helps clients manage risks, collects data, and automates the most critical processes through a single console.