Last year DXtrade integrated with TradingView to offer brokers one-platform trade execution, better user experience, and access to 50 million users. 

Brokers had 2 flexible options to combine TradingView into their trading environment via DXtrade, and now Devexperts has secured a third free-of-cost option. 

Options for Brokers

  1. DXtrade backend integration with Enable trading and execution on and access the 60-70 million active users. 
  1. TradingView Platform as a DXtrade Widget: The library is embedded inside DXtrade so brokers can offer the TradingView experience to traders accustomed to their charting and interface.


  1. TradingView Advanced Charting as a DXtrade Widget: DXtrade integrated with TradingView charting, for direct use inside the platform. This version is complimentary for brokers. 

It allows brokers to be sure that other competitors won’t steal their spotlight, because traders stay within their DXtrade platform, and leverage the familiar interface and charting.

It’s also a great opportunity for prop firms to provide widely demanded charts.

A complimentary TradingView option means even more brokers will have access to the benefits that DXtrade combined with TradingView provides. Traders gravitate towards platforms that can provide them with a trading environment they are used to — this integration allows brokers to cater to this, expanding their user base as a result.

— Jon Light,Head of OTC Platform at Devexperts

All three integrations allow brokers to boost retention and acquisition, and streamline the trading process for their clients. Analysis and execution can be performed in one platform without switching between multiple tools, with flexible integration options to cater to different brokers’ needs. 

If you’re interested in learning more about which TradingView integration option would be the best fit for your firm, please reach out to our team