London, November 15, 2023 – Devexperts, the developers of DXtrade, an out-of-the-box trading platform with an open API, has announced a partnership with FX Blue, a global provider of FinTech solutions to CFD and spread betting brokers.

The integration combines the DXtrade back-end with FX Blue’s feature-rich and configurable web and mobile front-ends.

The DXtrade back-end offers brokers complete independence in selecting their third-party party vendors while providing all the necessary tools for daily operations including risk management, dealing, and account management.

FX Blue’s web and mobile frontends offer brokers diverse options including multi-asset trading, responsive mobile UI, custom indicators, auto scripting, and integration of third-party tools such as copy trading and TradingView charts.

The Devexperts and FX Blue integration offers brokers a rare combination of proven quality and flexibility, enabling them to develop their own bespoke platform including iOS and Android apps, and strengthen their presence in the market.

The setup and monthly licensing fees have been designed to support brokers in developing their unique market identity, to promote business growth and risk diversification.

About FX Blue

FXBlue is a UK-based FinTech, serving banks and brokers in over 20 countries since 2010. FXBlue’s web and mobile solution offers a multi-asset environment, 50+ trader-focused applications, developer API, responsive and native mobile UIs, configurability by both broker and trader, social functions, and the option to integrate third party applications.