London, July 3, 2024 – Pelican, a world-leading copy trading provider, has announced a new partnership with DXtrade, the trading platform powering both big-name and start-up FX, CFD, and crypto brokers.

The collaboration is highly anticipated news for brokers and traders, following DXtrade’s earlier confirmation that it plans to integrate trade copier services into its platform solution.

DXtrade has recently experienced notable growth. The integration signals that Devexperts is serious about continuing to provide an agile product that is in tune with users and adapts quickly with responsive developments that reflect broker priorities. Partnering with a trader-preferred vendor like Pelican, who’s standing as the best and most highly regarded copy trading solution in the industry, pays testament to this.

Pelican has demonstrated an ability to consistently generate high user growth — driven in part by consumer demand to access the Pelican network of signals and copiers. Pelican focuses on building and maintaining white-label copy trading platforms for leading global names, with easy integration and the freedom to customize solutions.

The partnership is closely aligned in this sense, with DXtrade also prioritizing the same qualities; offering a vendor-agnostic platform, and welcoming partnerships and sponsored features unique to every client. Both firms are known for their white-label flexibility and for allowing end-users to tailor their trading environments.

The Pelican copy trading will natively function within the DXtrade platform, providing traders with the best-in-class multi-asset copy trader engine. DXtrade users can access the Pelican network (+9,000 signals) from within the DXtrade platform.

We are excited to partner with such a great company – who share the same ambitions and as a partnership can offer clients and brokers a full 360-degree service; a high quality executing platform that can access and copy top signals from our Pelican network.

Mike ReadDirector at Pelican

With our recent growth came a strong demand for a copy trading service within DXtrade. We were immediately open to the idea and sought to secure the best service available in the industry for our clients. This has been made possible through our integration with Pelican, undoubtedly one of the biggest and most well-respected copy trading services globally.

Jon LightHead of OTC Platform at Devexperts

About Pelican

Pelican is a B2B white-label copy trading service. Pelican provides regulated (FCA and CySEC) and unregulated copy trading solutions for some of the world’s biggest brokers. Operating a ‘mobile first’ model, Pelican’s copy trading platforms now support more than 40 brokers globally.