London, 23 April 2024 – The DXtrade CFD platform by Devexperts has teamed up with BizCuits, a multi-faceted vendor providing trading and risk management tools, IT, customer service, payments processing, and marketing solutions for the Forex and CFD industry.

DXtrade CFD is a trading platform for brokers and prop firms, developed by Devexperts, a software development company focused on trading platforms and exchange solutions. The duo will combine their expertise to provide a turn-key offering for funded trader firms and CFD brokers, by expanding the prop and customer support integrations within DXtrade. 

Brokers and their clients will benefit from enhancements including live chat and a chatbot, knowledge base, AML monitoring, KYC, marketing and advertising, payments processing, CRM, and prop trading. The solution will be available from one source via a plug-and-play model for rapid integration.

The DXtrade platform features built-in trading journals, performance dashboards, responsive charting, a modern user interface, and mobile trading apps for Android and iOS. 

“Our objective is simple: to provide the tools to brand owners, offering them the talent and operational capacity necessary to take care of day-to-day operations so they can focus on growth. Working hand in hand with our partners, we seek to encourage a relationship of equal and equitable partners while we grow their businesses.”

Tristan AgiusBizCuits CEO

“In addition to providing these services, BizCuits’ maximizes profits and controls risk in brokerage and prop firm operations. We have an exceptional team of analysts and traders who control operations such as account monitoring, proprietary trading, and customer segmentation. This allows us to navigate the complexities of managing trading activities and the books with precision, ensuring that our partners can carry out their operations safely and flexibly while we control the risks of trading.”

Reid FenechHead of Trading at BizCuits

“The team at BizCuits have been working with a number of the DXtrade clients over the past few years. They have a unique service and take on a very important aspect of running a broker or prop firm. We see firms want to get up and running quicker than ever, now new clients that take up both offerings can get their platform faster and be sure their risk is managed professionally.”

Jon LightHead of OTC Platform at Devexperts

About BizCuits

Bizcuits offers targeted services to brokers and prop firms with all-in-one solutions that help business owners streamline their operations, reduce overheads, and concentrate on what they do best by providing them with essential services under one roof. Bizcuits is the ultimate one-stop-shop for every component of any firm that wants round-the-clock customer support, ironclad compliance and security measures, cutting-edge IT solutions, dynamic marketing strategies, seamless payments processing, and sophisticated trading and risk management tools.

About Devexperts

Devexperts is a global software development company that provides trading and investment platforms for the capital markets industry. Launching in 2002, Devexperts has created 85+ technology applications for the financial industry. Learn more at