We’ve partnered with Bridgewise to bring generative AI-based investment analysis to the DXtrade XT trading platform. Now, DXtrade brokers can offer their clients even more value through personalized investment recommendations, ideas, and insights.

Trade ideas are generated based on industry trends and news sentiment. This allows brokers to facilitate trading for individual users – this collaboration is now providing access to technology once considered out of reach to the average user.

Bridgewise takes equity analysis to the next level: its generative AI-based technology continuously analyzes fundamental data of over 44,000 publicly traded stocks from over 150 exchanges worldwide. The analysis is conducted in real time and based on unbiased in-depth research and recommendations.

In addition, BridgeWise delivers market insights in natural and multilingual formats. By curating information in an easy-to-digest manner, this grants accessibility to advanced insights for all traders, from novices to experts. This integration will prove to be essential in empowering DXtrade brokers’ clients with quality content and tools to make confident autonomous buy/sell decisions based on intelligent recommendations.

Contact us to see the demo of the Bridgewise analytics on DXtrade.

Real-Time Equity Analysis Available in DXtrade XT through Bridgewise Integration
Example of Bridgewise generative-AI analytics in DXtrade