This summer, we were busy polishing up our web and mobile platforms to make them even better looking and better working. A number of security fixes were introduced, a number of bugs were eliminated, and more useful stuff was added to benefit both brokers and traders.

General Improvements

Beta platform available to the public

We’ve deployed a Beta platform with our latest stable release. Now everyone can try out the most recent DXtrade features at

Integration with GCEX for crypto liquidity

Thanks to our partnership with GCEX, crypto brokers now have access to crypto liquidity. The platform is now able to receive Level 1 and Level 2 market data and send orders for execution to this liquidity provider.

Web Trader

New widgets for margin crypto trading

Two new widgets were added to the web trading platform to support margin crypto trading. Market Depth shows how many open orders for a given instrument are in the market in the real-time. Time and Sales displays all current and historical trades with a selected instrument per exchange. We’ve also reworked the Tools menu to include our new widgets.

Marked Depth widget in action showing BTC/USD

Light Theme

For those who prefer a brighter and classical look of their trading workspaces, light theme is now available in the web trader. To switch between light and dark themes, click the hamburger menu button and activate the respective toggle.

Switching from dark theme to light theme

Crypto Precision

From this release on, brokers are free to set up custom precision for crypto instruments (up to 8 digits), for example, up to 1 Satoshi for BTC accounts. Traders will see these settings, when applied, in their account metrics.

Precision set to 1 Satoshi for a BTC account


New Orders and Positions widget

Orders and Positions widget was added to the DXmc (management console) for a quick lookup of a specific order or position. Using this widget, brokers can view the life cycle of an order or a position: how an order was issued and executed or how the position behaved historically.

Orders and Positions widget in DXmc

Visual Precision in Instruments

Visual Precision setting in Instruments is the place where brokers can set up the precision with which their client metrics will be displayed. It is especially useful for crypto accounts. This setting is accessible from the Instruments widget in DXmc.

Visual Precision setting for instruments

DXmc manual at hand to download

The DXmc user manual can now be downloaded in PDF right from the console. To obtain your PDF copy and start configuring the platform, click the hamburger menu button in the top right corner of DXmc and select Download user manual.

DXmc user manual downloadable from the trading platform

Risk Management Software

Software Version Check

DXdealer now checks automatically if the version of the software is compatible with the server. In case it isn’t, DXdealer prompts the user to download the compatible version in a single click.

DXdealer prompts users to download the updated version

There are more exciting developments on the horizon for DXtrade. Come back this fall and see what we’ve harvested!

Stay tuned,

The DXtrade team