DXtrade, Devexperts’ family of multi-asset, multi-market, and broker-agnostic trading platforms, is now integrated with Forest Park FX Tech to enable brokers to arrange and conduct trading contests and prop trading for their clients with just a few clicks.

FPFX Tech’s Trading Contest Gateway for competitions is dynamic, interactive, and fully transparent. DXtrade brokers can use it to:

  1. Convert dead, dormant, demo, and prospective leads into active clients
  2. Build positive brokerage awareness
  3. Educate traders
  4. Increase client engagement and reduce attrition
  5. Showcase their pricing and offering without extensive marketing expenses.

All properties of FPFX Tech contests are configurable: they could be long-term or intraday, gold-only or crypto, etc. Brokers can conduct contests for live and demo accounts. The number of winners and prizes is also totally up to them.

This integration enables brokers to launch a competition with low effort. Once a broker launches a trading contest, everything is created automatically, including contestant registration landing page and process, account creation, email notifications, leaderboard updates, and contest recaps.

Similarly, FPFX Tech’s Prop Trading Tech Kit allows brokers to support prop trading/funded account clients on the DXtrade front-end platform with end-to-end automation for all account creation, account monitoring, and risk management on the back end. 

Justin D. Hertzberg, Esq., CEO of FPFX Tech, said:

Our goal at FPFX Tech is to deliver leading-edge, best-in-class solutions that captivate the interests of traders and trading firms. In addition to continuing to innovate our Trading Contest Gateway and Prop Trading Tech Kit to include the features and functions that traders want, we also need to offer these solutions on the trading platforms that traders want to use.

He went on to say that:

DXtrade is a fantastic platform that is gaining in popularity each month and we are excited to integrate our solutions with DXtrade and work collaboratively with the team at Devexperts.

Jon Light, Head of OTC Platform at Devexperts, said:

At Devexperts, we always work on supporting brokers in their marketing efforts. We already have several initiatives aimed at increasing client acquisition and retention rates, and the integration with FPFX Tech completely suits our strategy. Now DXtrade brokers have even more turnkey tools for boosting client engagement and expanding their lifecycle.

About FPFX Tech

FPFX Tech helps trading firms and brokerages grow their businesses through technology solutions that solve problems, create opportunities, and build communities.

By leveraging the power of customization and automation, FPFX Tech makes it easier to attract and retain traders through innovative value propositions, bespoke user interfaces, and instant gratification and feedback. FPFX Tech addresses real demand from traders for technology solutions to meet their needs and offer a differentiated trading experience.