There’s no need to go into details about how competitive the forex and CFD markets are for brokers. The efforts they put into marketing might be fathomless, however not all of them succeed in the long haul.

We know this because we’ve been closely working with FX and CFD brokers since 2002, and naturally, not all our clients survived the competition. We always study the reasons why, and we’ve been seeing the same trend for years: brokers tend to underestimate the value of analyzing their marketing efforts. Sometimes it’s due to the lack of experience, other times it’s due to the lack of knowledge about tools.

We’re strong advocates for making evidence-based decisions. Brokers should use statistics and analysis for a better understanding of the needs of their audience, thus making it easier to design efficient marketing campaigns, cut costs, attract new clients, expand the lifecycle of existing ones, and reduce attrition rates.

What AppsFlyer is and how it helps brokers

At Devexperts, we accommodate brokers’ marketing efforts with ready-to-use marketing materials, a configurable client reward system in DXtrade, and the integration with AppsFlyer.

AppsFlyer is a tool for measuring the effects of marketing campaigns for mobile apps and analyzing mobile user behavior.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: over half of all traders exclusively use mobile apps for all their trading operations. Advertising your mobile trading apps should come first, and that’s why our DXtrade integration with AppsFlyer is essential.

AppsFlyer provides brokers with numerous instruments for campaign tracking: if you promote your apps in a certain media, you can see how much you’ve spent and how many new users you’ve got, and other stats. It enables brokers to:

  1. Run reports on marketing campaigns
  2. Calculate the precise cost of user acquisition and retention
  3. See how many installations brought a certain campaign
  4. Understand which users are organic and which are not
  5. Track users’ journeys and see how many of them made it to a certain screen (e.g. only to a sign-up page, etc.)
  6. See statistics on clicks.

About the integration

All DXtrade brokers get their own dedicated pages in Google Play and App Store, making them owners of their apps. And the AppsFlyer account information is visible only to owners of apps, which means that a DXtrade broker is the only one controlling their AppsFlyer account. Our brokers value security, and this integration fulfills their expectations.

Further improvement of the DXtrade mobile apps

Essentially, AppsFlyer is about marketing but we also turn its data into UI/UX analytics, that is, only if brokers share select data on how their clients use DXtrade mobile apps. This allows us to continuously improve DXtrade UI/UX based on actual user behavior. We value such contributions from brokers but it’s only up to them to decide whether they feel comfortable sharing such data.