As the holiday season is getting closer, the DXtrade team has been busy wrapping gifts and goodies in your trusted trading platform. A couple of new integrations, massive risk management improvements, and some nice tweaks here and there. We’ve got them all – read on to learn more!


Integration with DXmatch

This release sees DXtrade shaking hands with the newest addition to the Devexperts family products. DXmatch is an in-house ultra-low latency matching engine. DXtrade connects to DXmatch via FIX API to receive market data such as order books and trades and to route orders.

Integration with Devexa Chatbot

Now anyone can have an enjoyable conversation with the Devexa Chatbot at the DXtrade Beta platform (, reach out to to receive your login details. Devexa allows users to view quotes and charts, place orders in the chat interface, leave feedback and request support.


Ex-Dividends in Instrument Details

In this release, traders receive information about expected dividend adjustments or Ex-Dividends in both Web and Mobile versions.

If an instrument has dividends, traders will be able to see the dividend date and dividend adjustment size for long and short positions in the Instrument Details. 


Order History

It’s great to look at your impressive trade history, when you have a dedicated History tab in the Menu. It’s even greater when you have an additional tab for order history. Now you are free to switch between trade and order history views and analyze your orders over the past month.

DXtrade Order History Tab
Order History tab

Sign-Up Screens in Whitelabeled Mobile Apps

Previously, the first thing that users saw when opening a whitelabeled DXtrade mobile app was the login screen. It might have confused some not-yet-registered traders. Now, when your traders open your whitelabeled DXtrade mobile app, they will be able to see a nice sign-up screen with your logo.

Whitelabeled DXtrade mobile app will now have your logo on the login screen

External Links

The menu of the Mobile apps now has a special section for external links. The links are supposed to lead to broker’s services, which are available outside of the trading app, for example, Deposits, Supports, FAQ and so on.

The set of links and their display names can be configured individually for each broker and can be changed without releasing new mobile apps versions.


Audit Log in Account Details

To give the brokers more tools for investigation of trading activity on accounts, we have introduced an Audit Log tab to the Account Details widget in our DXdealer desktop UI.

The Audit Log contains the same events as the Order History widget in DXtrade Web plus “dealer”-specific columns such as Session Parameters and Execution Context.

DXtrade Audit Log
Audit Log in Account Details

Market Depth in DXdealer

In this release, we are bringing the Market Depth widget to our DXdealer UI. Now, brokers can look at Level II quotes per instrument if supported by the liquidity provider.

Market Depth in DXdealer
Market Depth widget in DXdealer

Funded Accounts Checkbox

Retail brokers often have hundreds of thousands of live accounts but only a small fraction of these accounts are actually funded. This release introduces the “Only Funded” checkbox to the DXdealer UI, and it is enabled by default. Now, if this checkbox is enabled, brokers will be able to filter out empty live accounts with no balance, positions, or orders. 

Funded Accounts Checkbox
“Only Funded” in the Account Selector

B-book Strategy with Execution Delay

Starting from this release, DXtrade supports delayed execution for the B-Book strategy. In the new Delayed Execution section, brokers can set up the delay time and the capture fill price instant.

Delayed Execution in B-Book
Delayed Execution in B-Book

In addition to what we’ve shown above, we’ve also improved financing rates importing procedure, simplified the instrument tree import path, and enhanced our commission settings widget. Now it’s time to breathe out and start preparing New Year DXtrade gifts.

Stay tuned,
The DXtrade team