NEW YORK – Devexperts (, a software solutions provider for brokers and financial institutions, announces today that DriveWealth, a rapidly growing investment products provider, is now fully integrated into its DXtrade platform.

This partnership extends Devexperts’ DXtrade platform support of fractional trading, which allows users to trade and hold positions of less than one full share.

In addition, DriveWealth brings to the table its extensive list of securities for fractional trading and enables investing with as little as $1. This technology is particularly beneficial to brokers seeking to attract younger and low-income investors, who may not have an excess of investable cash but still want to take an active role in growing their savings via investing.

Michael Sprachman, Devexperts Director of Exchange Traded Solutions, commented:

As trading continues to become more global, providing U.S. market access to brokers in all parts of the world remains a priority for Devexperts. DriveWealth – with its focus on microshares and fractional liquidity – is an ideal partner with our goal of providing brokers with the necessary technology for them to transform the retail trading experience and ensure access to investing services for users at all ages and levels of financial expertise.

This partnership is the latest improvement to Devexperts’ DXtrade platform and enables seamless order routing by providing unique market access to investors in the U.S., LATAM, EMEA, and APAC.