Cryptocurrencies’ rapid ascent as an asset class has come without much of the infrastructure required for safe, secure, and regulatory compliant trading. Crypto exchanges that originated from platforms built for trading virtual fantasy playing cards, like Mt.Gox, were not initially designed to handle high-load peaks. They were also not tested for security breaches, as their owners were rushing to have the first-mover advantage. If the infrastructure itself cannot perform at the scale required, even vast, deep liquidity pools or smart execution algorithms won’t make a difference.

Join Jon Light from Devexperts, Dmitry Parilov from dxFeed, and Henry Price from GCEX to discuss the key factors brokerages need to consider before launching their cryptocurrency offering. Nikolai Isayev, FinanceFeeds Editor-in-Chief, will moderate the discussion.

During the webinar our expert panel will guide you through the setup of a typical crypto trading solution: from technology and payments integration, pricing and liquidity, to risk and data management, contract settlement and more. The panel will discuss important capabilities participants should pay close attention to – whether building in-house or partnering with a platform provider to bridge the gap between traditional assets and cryptocurrencies.

By the end of the webinar, you’ll understand:

  • What technology you should use and how
  • Whether you should develop a cryptocurrency solution in-house or partner with a platform provider
  • Understand your technology bottlenecks that can slow down your time-to-market when introducing cryptos
  • How to estimate your timeline for adding cryptocurrency as a new asset class
  • How to determine your contract settlement needs
  • How to integrate with custodians and payment providers

This webinar is for: 

  • Established and startup cryptocurrency brokers and crypto exchanges
  • Stock and Forex/CFD brokers
  • Fintech and cryptocurrency projects

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Thursday, September 16th, 2021

09:00 London

11:00 Cyprus

16:00 Hong Kong

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