London, UK — 01/25/2023 — Devexperts today announced it has bundled its two products for brokers: DXtrade, a trading platform for FX/CFD/crypto brokers, and Devexa, an AI-powered chatbot for support and sales desks.

The combination now provides a chat widget inside a web trading terminal where traders can receive instant support and personalized marketing offers from their broker without having to open another browser tab.

This native integration enables DXtrade brokers to perform the following activities:

  • Customer care. This lowers customer care costs as an AI concierge now handles repetitive inquiries with broker-specific, preloaded FAQ. 
  • Video calls and co-browsing. This improves customer retention as users don’t have to leave the trading environment, improving incident resolution and quality service.
  • Push message delivery. This applies to all marketing, sales, and compliance-related messages to traders in action. On top of being an additional marketing channel with personalized deals, the chatbot also carries out the KYC process. The latter is essential when a user is logged into a demo account, and a broker needs to prompt them to sign up and create a live account.
  • Feedback on clients’ experience. This enables broker’s clients to provide feedback and requests for improvement instantaneously inside the platform.

Unlike many other general-purpose conversational systems available on smart speakers for routine daily activities, Devexa is built for the trading business and understands traders. This means it:

  • Comes with several broker-specific scenarios. Brokers can also add new scenarios themselves, for example, “trade EUR/USD,” “close/open positions,”  “what’s with my withdrawal?,” and “show my performance.”
  • Understands natural language and is trained for the capital markets industry. 

Both products come from the same vendor, leveraging each other’s APIs for seamless bundling.

The bundling of these products extends DXtrade’s functionality. Now, traders can leverage this extra Devexa widget to request additional support and information. They can also use it to issue quick commands such as closing all or specific positions, pulling up a price chart, or viewing recent market news. Since Devexperts developed both DXtrade and Devexa, we ensured the chatbot is an integral part of the trading platform. This allows us to adjust both solutions for sublime performance. Other live chat solutions simply aren’t able to provide a native experience on a web platform—they’re plagued by UI issues. Meanwhile, DXtrade brokers and traders enjoy a superior experience even when sharing a screen. That’s why our combo has no true market peers

Jon LightVP of OTC Platform

Devexa’s KB and responses are customizable based on the broker’s request. Contact Devexperts representatives to see the demo of the chatbot widget.

About Devexa

Devexa is a semi-automated omnichannel conversational chatbot for brokers and platform financial firms can utilize for customer care, sales, marketing, operations, and business continuity purposes.