DXtrade brand and logo guidelines

How to use our identity items

Brand guide book example

Here you can find general guidelines on how to correctly use Devexperts brand identity items, such as our logo, appropriate fonts, and media templates in publications. This guide was created for news media, our partners, and clients.

Every item featured here is intended for fair use only.


FK Display

Primary identity-carrying font only for print
and the logo.
FK Display glyphs

Proxima Nova

Font for websites and marketing
Proxima Nova glyphs


System font for presentations and tech documentation.
Tahoma glyphs


The logo should not stick to any other elements, logos, or text. The distance between the logo and the next element should be equal to 5a.


Simple rules to follow

When you use our trademarks, corporate style, and other IP objects described in this guide, you automatically agree to follow these rules. Devexperts Solutions IE Limited retains any and all rights to modify this guide at its sole discretion at any time.

If you have any questions, refer to the fine print in the infobox and/or reach out to us at pr@devexperts.com

PDF brand guide

Do not use brand items for commercial purposes without permission
Do not use colors, fonts, shapes, and corporate symbols in a distorted manner
Do not use brand items in unauthorized mentions of Devexperts with other entities
Do not use brand items in the content that may be deemed disparaging