At Devexperts, we have been building trading platforms since 2002 and have always been at the forefront of technological advances in platform infrastructure. Our technology delivers a high performance, highly scalable, and truly reliable trading platform for all DXtrade brokers.

Cloud Based Solution

DXtrade is a fully cloud based solution which is hosted within AWS servers, ensuring a highly scalable offering within the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. Utilising AWS infrastructure, we protect your data within the most secure global infrastructure, knowing that you always own your data and our role is to ensure its security.

Our technology

DXtrade has been built using industry standard open-source technologies. Our Java-based stack ensures a sophisticated high-performance runtime, while our PostgreSQL database is the de-facto standard among open-source RDBMS solutions providing superior performance and analytical capabilities.

Ease of Integration

DXtrade offers a broad range of standard scalable APIs which ensure an ease of integration for your brokerage infrastructure. Brokers can integrate through our REST JSON-based APIs for trading, market data, administrative tasks. Scalable push notifications via WebSockets. FIX APIs can also be utlised for LP integrations for both market data and trading.

Brokerage Execution Strategies

Within the ever evolving CFD market, it is necessary for brokers to have the most advanced tools available to manage their order flow execution. That is why DXtrade offers brokers execution strategies for A/B or C Book that can be applied on individual or a mix of client, group and instrument levels to offer the level of configuration necessary to proactively manage execution settings on the fly.
Tailored technology for trading crypto

Tailored technology for trading crypto

DXtrade has specially tailored features for spot and margin trading of cryptocurrencies. Brokers can use DXmc to create cash accounts for traders, so they can engage in crypto spot trading. DXtrade also offers turnkey integrations with custodians for handling crypto deposits, withdrawal, and fund management.
Our platform is set up for brokers to monetise their order flow in the most efficient and effective manner, resulting in an optimised revenue stream for brokers.


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