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Management Console
DXtrade CFD

Trading platform for brokers offering FX/CFDs and spread bets

DX Management Console

DX Management Console (DXmc) is a web-based UI that provides your operations team with an easy to use terminal for managing the daily operations of a brokerage. Account creation, group management, account transactions and trading rebates can all be easily applied from DXmc.

Manage all aspects of your user accounts from the DXmc UI

Create new accounts, edit account details or assign account groups using DXmc. Brokers can monitor and terminate live account sessions as well as set trading status.

Configure and Manage your instruments

Setup and configure all of your instruments from our intuitive UI. Easily map the instruments from your Liquidity Providers to the instruments that are setup within the platform.

Swaps and Swap Free accounts

Apply overnight financing charges using swap rates or interest rates, configurable by group and instrument. Apply markups on swap rates directly from the UI for each instrument or group of instruments and apply to the necessary client group or account. Swap multipliers can also be applied to each instrument. All historical swap rates are stored and can be easily retrieved from the UI.

Remove the need for additional groups and cater to your Islamic account clients by applying swap free settings to instruments, groups or accounts.

Reward your traders with in-platform Volume Rebate Plans

Reward and retain high volume and VIP traders with custom rebate plans based on tiered volume traded volume per asset class. Rebates can be configured on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis.

Rebate plans can be applied on a group and account level, allowing brokers to customise improved offerings for their traders.

Diverse commission plans

Set your commission plans based on percentage volume, flat rates, basis points, or combinations of each. Each commission plan can be applied on an instrument, group or account level, giving brokers greater freedom when offering custom commission plans to their clients.

Client Reporting

Use the DXmc UI to generate client reports on profitability, exposure and rebates paid/earned.


Brokers can monitor all live user sessions, login time and IP address. There is also the ability to terminate any client(s) session from the admin UI with immediate effect.

Broker Hedging Accounts

Setup your broker hedging accounts and easily select the execution destination for all offset trades.


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