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DXdealer is a robust risk management software that allows brokers to proactively manage their risk and to take full control of their brokerage operations directly from the Dealer terminal. Our powerful risk management software is highly configurable, allowing brokers to optimise their risk management operations in order to protect both broker and client interest while maximising their potential returns.

Real-time Exposure Monitor

Enhance your risk management with an exposure monitor that allows brokers to monitor their A/B book and hedged exposure in real-time. Hedge directly from the exposure monitor while maintaining an up to date view on your Risk and P/L. Enhanced filtering allows brokers to drill down to view exposures and P/L on group, instrument and asset levels.

Setting up your Risk Management groups and profiles

DXdealer removes the need for never-ending groups, taking what other platforms find complex and making group management both easy and intuitive for a broker. The platform allows brokers to be more agile and adaptable, with brokers having the capability to apply settings, using profiles, on an instrument, group or account level or a combination of each.

DXdealer allows greater control of your risk management and the ability to apply the below settings on instrument, group or account levels:

  • Cash accounts, or with tiered/flat margins
  • Trade size limits
  • Trade and overall exposure limits
  • Trading modes (full/close-only/disabled) – can be made in bulk changes for multiple clients

Easily configure your Price Stream Management

Pricing setups are easily configurable, offering brokers a very high level of customisability for their price streams. Brokers can create multiple markup profiles on instrument/group/account levels. A broker can also remove unnecessary complexities in their setup by creating fixed/floating price streams using the same instrument.

Our smart pricing technology also allows brokers to apply min/max spreads, advanced price filters and pricing failovers. All of which can be monitored from within the DXdealer pricing monitor.

Optimise your revenue generation and risk management with next-level execution settings

Set your execution strategies based on advanced execution parameters such as trade volume, ensuring you take the right amount of risk and reward for each trade. Better manage your trade flow and ensure your expected revenue by employing execution settings that allow for A/B book hedging destinations to be configured for instruments or groups. Move groups/instruments/accounts from A/B book with the click of a button.


Manage and monitor your accounts with DXdealer

Everything you need to manage, and monitor client accounts is readily available within the platform. All widgets pop-out allowing brokers to monitor multiple account, groups or metrics in real-time. Account tagging allows brokers to create custom tags to monitor high volume or abusive traders using our multi-level filtering from every widget.

Manage your clients positions and trade on their behalf

Trade on behalf of clients with ease from within the Dealer with the ability to place pending orders and market orders at the current market rates or fill orders at a specific price. Trading on behalf can be carried out from the account, account list, position list or order list widgets.

Trading Calendar

Avoid any issues with setting trading hours or market holidays with our easy to use Trading Calendar. Brokers can simply set individual or multiple trading sessions for a single or group of instruments. The trading calendar also removes complications surrounding different markets as instrument schedules can be set using UTC, GMT or London/New York time zones.

Maintain visibility on your positions with Broker views

DXdealer offers views of positions and orders from both client and broker views, allowing brokers to manage their positions (A/B book) and exposures without any confusion.


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